How to: Create PDF file with MS Word

Many of us want to send our files in PDF format and for this we use different websites to convert. Today we are going to tell you how you can convert your file directly from MS word.docx to pdf.
Read this steps and find way to make pdf files through Microsoft Word 2010 or higher.

Download MS OFFICE 2010 

Step-1 - Open New/Existing file of MS Word 2010 that you want to convert to pdf.
Step2-  Left click on "File Tab (Button)" of your document
Step-3- Left click on "Save As (Menu Item) 
Step-4- Left click on "Save as type: (combo box)" in "Save As"
Step-5- Left click on "PDF (list item)"
Step-6- Left click on "File name: (edit)" in "Save As" 
Directly left click on "Save (button)" in "Save As"


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