27 Breathtaking Lakes in India

27 Indian Lakes Whose Beauty You Need To Drink In And Enjoy Before You Die

SOURCE: Polka Café / Sanchari Pal
Spring is on its way, and we can't think of a better way to jump start your travel plans than by ogling at some of the prettiest watery wonders in India. With their mesmerising ripples, mirror-like reflections and iridescent waters, the alluring beauty of these lakes is sure to take your breath away. Check out these 27 magnificent Indian lakes and plan a getaway to experience their exquisite beauty first-hand. We bet you will have a hard time choosing between the tropical sun-kissed depths and stunningly crisp alpine beauties on this list which sure do make for some irresistible eye candy!

1. Dal Lake, Jammu and Kashmir

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Jammu and KashmirSrinagar’s jewel, Dal Lake with its sparkling quiet waters, gaily painted shikaras and backdrop of the mist shrouded peaks of the Pir Panjal Mountains is definitely a sight for sore eyes. Go to sleep on an ornate wooden houseboat swaying gently in the serene waters of the lake and wake up to the water reflecting whatever shades the sun throws on it, with the glorious floating gardens swirling around you.

Best place to stay: Dongola Palace Houseboats

Best time to visit: July- August

2. Gurudongmar lake, Sikkim

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SikkimIt takes a long bumpy ride on mostly dirt roads through a barren landscape to get to the Gurudongmar Lake, but the magnificence that awaits you is totally worth it. Backed by the surreal beauty of the Himalayan pinnacles, this highly revered lake with its crystal clear snow-melt waters and icy banks feels like a world away.

Best place to stay: Apple Orchard Resort, Lachen

Best time to visit: June to August

3. Pichola lake, Rajhasthan
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RajhasthanLimpid, large and luminous, Pichola Lake is enveloped by lofty palaces, ancient temples and cool green hills on all its sides. Sail into a purple sunset on dreamy little boat or take a heritage walk around the tranquil waters of a lake which doesn’t need filters to look spectacular when silhouetted at dusk!

Best place to stay: Jaiwana Haveli, Udaipur

Best time to visit: September to March

4. Pookode lake, Kerala

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KeralaCuddled in the lap of Wayanad’s lushly forested mountains, Pookode Lake is an emerald hued lake offering a surreal encounter with nature at its most spectacular. Pedal across the placid waters of this beguilingly beautiful lake, indulge in some serious nature photography (check out the blue lotus) or take quick detour to the freshwater aquarium nearby for a relaxing holiday.

Best place to stay: Pookode Lake Resort, Wayanad

Best time to visit: December to June

5. Suraj Taal, Himachal Pradesh

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Himachal PradeshRevered as the Lake of the Sun God, Suraj Taal is the place to be if you are in search of tranquillity. There’s some mighty stiff competition in the Himalayas when it comes to glacier-fed beauty but what makes Suraj Taal so stunning is the surrounding landscape - the majestically jagged mountains, piles of snow smoothened pebbles and cornflower blue skies.

Best place to stay: Triveni Hotel, Sissu

Best time to visit: May to October

6. Berijam Lake, Tamil Nadu

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Tamil NaduSurrounded by verdant Shola forests, Berijam Lake is so pristine that it has a haunting quality. The perfect place for bird watching, canopied trails, and quiet reflections, Berijam Lake lies deep inside the forest, away from the hustle and bustle of civilisation. Do note that you need written official permission to enter the forest area, but the effort is well worth it!

Best place to stay: Kodaikanal Dreamstay, Kodaikanal

Best time to visit: April to June

7. Bhim Tal Lake, Uttarakhand

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UttarakhandUttarakhand has a bounteous array of beautiful lakes, but Bhimtal Lake has traits that make it stand out: the pretty town of Bhimtal dotted with quaint temples, a stupendous panorama of the Kumaon Hills, solitary trails winding along its scenic banks and a delightful little island at its centre. Close to Delhi, it’s the perfect destination for an idyllic weekend getaway!

Best place to stay: Emerald Trail, Bhimtal

Best time to visit: April to July

8. Pangong Tso Lake, Jammu and Kashmir
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Jammu and KashmirRemember that stunning lake from 3 Idiots? Lined with an outlandish landscape of vast barren mountains, Pangong Tso is a sublime melange of dramatically swirling mountains and vivid blue green water conjured into a lake which photographs like a dream. Remember to pay your respects at the Darbuk village nearby where a chain of war memorials and historic army bunkers stand in commemoration of the 1962 Indo-China War.

Best place to stay: Pangong Inn, Pangong Tso

Best time to visit: May to September

9. Vembanad Lake, Kerala

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KeralaAs lovely as it is large, the Vembanad Lake is a warm weather paradise. Feast your eyes on the vibrant green palette and the sheer size of India’s longest lake, from the breezy comfort of your houseboat as you dine on ethnic culinary delights (don’t miss the karimeen fish). The beauty here is not just the landscape, but the glimpses of daily life amidst the swaying palms too.

Best place to stay: Vembanad Lake Villas, Kottayam

Best time to visit: September to March

10. Loktak Lake, Manipur
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ManipurThe largest freshwater lake in the North east, the only ‘floating’ lake in the world, beautiful floating ‘phumdis’ strong enough to build a thatched hut upon and a thriving wilderness – there is so much about the Loktak Lake that is special and unique. Remember to ask the local fishermen to take you on a ride of their graceful flat-bedded boats through the Keibul Lamjao Sanctuary, home to the famous brow antlered dear, the sangai.

Best place to stay: The Classic Hotel, Imphal

Best time to visit: October to March

11. Tso Moriri Lake, Jammu and Kashmir
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Jammu and KashmirSitting at the bottom of the secluded Rupshu valley, Tso Moriri is breathtakingly striking—its deep-blue water at odds with the browns of the craggy peaks and greens of sun-kissed grasslands that surround it. World’s highest Ramsar wetland, Tso Moriri, in its utter isolation, unending vastness and sheer raw beauty bestows a sense of untouched purity on every mortal lucky enough to visit it.

Best place to stay: Tso Moriri Camp and Resort, Korzok

Best time to visit: May to September

12. Lonar Lake

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Lonar LakeEarth's largest and only hyper-velocity impact crater in basaltic rock, the Lonar Lake’s watery expanses reflects the emerald green hues of the sprawling forest that stretches around it as far as the eye can see. Trek your way down to the Kamalja Devi Temple at the crater bottom, and revive yourself under the cascading waters of the spring at the Gomukh temple. Lonar, like the meteorite that put it on the map, definitely leaves a lasting impression!

Best place to stay: MTDC Holiday Resort, Lonar

Best time to visit: October to January

13. Naukuchiatal Lake

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Naukuchiatal LakeWith its iridescent bluish waters lovingly embraced by deep wooded forests, tree flanked promenade and appealing paddocks, every corner of Naukuchiatal or ‘the lake of nine corners’ is a picture perfect frame. Wake up early to witness the mists lifting from the lush green covers of Naukuchiatal, its gentle ripples glistening in the shy morning sun, to experience the sublime beauty of this lake.

Best place to stay: Lake Village, Chunoti

Best time to visit: March to July

14. Nal Sarovar
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Nal SarovarA splash of turquoise surrounded by yellowing grasslands, Nal Sarovar is famous for its mind-boggling assemblage of migratory birds - from flamingos in huge numbers to rosy pelicans and vast flocks of herons, ducks and cranes. For a photo-op not to be missed, canoe through the shallow waters between the islets to spy on its spectacular birdlife, especially at dusk and dawn.

Best place to stay: Forest Department Rest House, Nal Sarovar

Best time to visit: October to February

15. Hemkund Lake, Uttarakhand
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Hemkund Lake, UttarakhandAdorned by exotic blooms in a riot of colours, with the snowy Saptashringa (Seven Hills) towering in the background, the windswept Hemkund Lake is a place of wild, untamed beauty- and one of Sikkhism’s most important shrines. Look for the mythical yellow green flower, Brahma Kamal (Lotus of the Gods) on its rocky shores before warming yourself in the Gurudwara with generous helpings of hot tea and khichdi.

Best place to stay: Ghangharia Camp, Ghangharia

Best time to visit: July to October

16. Sela Lake, Arunachal Pradesh
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Sela Lake, Arunachal PradeshRest your eyes on Sela Lake and you will know why it is also called the Paradise Lake. Sela Lake’s unparalleled beauty reaches out to your eyes and moves towards your soul. Lying en route to Tawang, the land of breathtaking valleys and misty rivers, Sela Lake remains snowed in for most of the year.

Best place to stay: Hotel Pemaling, Dirang

Best time to visit: April to October

17. Chembra Lake, Kerala
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Chembra Lake, KeralaNature definitely had romantic designs with this enchanting lake in the shape of the universal symbol for love. The heart shaped Chembra Lake with its balmy waters (said to have never dried up) is the perfect stop for wanderers and romantics alike who will have to hike up the rugged terrains of the tallest peak of Wayanad to reach one of the most charming spots in God’s own country.

Best place to stay: Annapara Homestay, Kalpetta

Best time to visit: April to September

18. Sangetsar Lake, Arunachal Pradesh
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Sangetsar Lake, Arunachal PradeshFormed as a result of an earthquake, Sangetsar Lake is spellbinding in its beauty. Numerous dead tree trunks, which were once alive before the earthquake, emerge from the serene waters of the lake creating a hauntingly picturesque imagery before visitors. Don't forget to have a snack at the Cafe run by Indian army at the lake (popularly known as Madhuri Lake, after the actress shot here for Koyla!).

Best place to stay: Hotel Gakyi Thang Zhang, Tawang

Best time to visit: March to June

19. Prashar Lake, Himachal Pradesh

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Prashar Lake, Himachal PradeshA well-kept secret in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, Prashar is a gem of a lake nestled amidst the imposing snow capped peaks of the Dhauladhar ranges in Kullu Valley. The local temple of Prashar Rishi next to the lake, with its riveting Himachali pagoda architecture and out-of-the-world view, blends perfectly with the mystical landscape making for some stellar photo-ops.

Best place to stay: HP PWD Guest House, Prashar

Best time to visit: April to July

20. Umiam Lake, Meghalaya
© wikipedia Umiam Lake, MeghalayaThe Umiam Lake is a moody beauty, with its forested banks lined with vibrant gulmohar trees in full bloom and cerulean waters which take on a magical hue at dusk. Idyllically glassy during the warmer months, Umiam Lake is the kind of place that leaves you searching for long fancy words to capture its exquisiteness.

Best place to stay: Orchid Lake Resort, Umiam

Best time to visit: March to June

21. Gadsar Lake, Jammu and Kashmir

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Jammu and KashmirThe waters of the Gadsar Lake pop with a brilliant turquoise amidst the gloriously beautiful alpine valley of Sonamarg, literally meaning ‘the meadow of gold’. Bring your fishing gear - as beautiful as the scenery is, Gadsar Lake is well known for fishing trout lurking beneath its pristine surfaces (Gadsar in Kashmiri means the lake of fishes!).

Best place to stay: Hotel The Villa Himalaya, Sonamarg

Best time to visit: June to September

22. Avalanche Lake, Tamil Nadu
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Avalanche Lake, Tamil NaduIf misty mornings, game fishing and trekking through primeval jungles are your thing, then Avalanche Lake is the place to be at. Wedged between the dense Shola forests, Avalanche Lake promises adventure, undisturbed wilderness, killer views and a lot more, making this stunning lake side haven well worth a visit.

Best place to stay: Destiny Farmstay, Ooty

Best time to visit: April to June

23. Tam Dil Lake, Mizoram
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Tam Dil Lake, MizoramWith an origin shrouded in myth, Tam Dil Lake is a sweet surprise most people have never heard about. An alluring cool blue expanse of water in the highlands of Mizoram that’s fringed by lush green jungles and offbeat camping locales, Tam Dil Lake is exquisite in its beauty and truly a camper’s paradise.

Best place to stay: Tourist Lodge, Saitual

Best time to visit: October to March

24. Chandrataal Lake, Himachal Pradesh

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Chandrataal Lake, Himachal PradeshAs they say, it’s glacial, so of course it’s gorgeous! Peaceful and sublime, the ever changing hues of the incredibly clear waters of Chandra Taal will inspire you to just sit there and lake-gaze. Trek through the Manali Valley draped in forests of oak and walnut to reach this jewel of a lake so breathtaking in its beauty that one feels like spending an eternity here.

Best place to stay: Parasol Camp, Chandrataal

Best time to visit: June to September

25. Gangabal Lake, Jammu and Kashmir
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Gangabal Lake, Jammu and KashmirA silent, solitary ice-green lake, Gangabal Lake lies at the foot of the towering Haramukh Mountain, the source of the voluminous glistening glaciers which roll down to the water's edge as gurgling, ice-cold streams. Trek to the Zach Pass for a stupefying vista of the twin lakes of Gangabal and neighbouring Nandkalol , and the jagged range of spires beyond.

Best place to stay: Camp at site (take the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek)

Best time to visit: July to September

26. Chilika Lake, Odisha
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OdishaWere it not for its languid glassy surface, Chilika, Asia’s largest lagoon, could easily be mistaken for the sea. Studded with tiny islands, this pear shaped lake resembles a vision crafted by some imaginative artist. Witness water lilies bloom in the rising sun and resident species jostle over the wetland at daybreak while their rousing symphony flutters in your ears. Round it off with a glimpse of the rare Irrawaddy dolphins!

Best place to stay: Saga Eco Camp, Chilika

Best time to visit: October to March

27. Roopkund Lake, Uttarakhand
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Roopkund Lake, UttarakhandConcealed in the lap of the snow clad Mt. Trishul, the Roopkund Lake has a notorious past. In summer, the melting ice reveals hundreds of skeletal remains, immersed in the water and lying haphazardly around the lake's edges. The staggeringly beautiful trek to it cuts through alpine forests, gushing icy brooks and velvety meadows (Bugyals) to reach the tiny jade lake perched on a sheer ridge. A must for avid trekkers and mystery addicts alike!

Best place to stay: GMVN Guest House, Wan (or carry your camping tents along for a spooky experience!)

Best time to visit: May to June