How this 8 year old boy is set to earn Rs 10,00,000 a year with his idea

If you are someone who thinks that establishing a business and making money from it is not within everyone's area of expertise, this news is for you.

The general idea about an average person's career is that he starts his job in his early 20s, and usually begins with a package in six digits, and even if someone decides to go on for his own business, one requires years of experience for the same.

However, you will surely put your head in a spin if we tell you that there's an eight-year-old kid who earns Rs 10,00,000 a year, that too with his unique idea. We are talking about the story of Junior-James Wyatt, who started Mr Free Range, an egg delivery service, after seeing another entrepreneur find success with the idea on television. Noteworthy, the way this kid got inspired from TV, and decided to go for it is worth giving it a thorough read. Now, Wyatt and his mother have started a business selling eggs.

The mother-son duo buys fresh eggs in bulk from local farmers, then repackage and distribute them to their 35 customers. Not to be misled that its mother who is behind the success of the business, we must tell you that it was Wyatt who bought his first eggs with $13 (£10) of his own money last month. Now, the lad is already bringing in around $327.50. If the business continues to grow, the boy will be easily making Rs 10,00,000 per annum.